Vital life courses and training as a guarantee of life and health of the «Demining Solutions» staff

«Demining Solutions» pays special attention to save the life and health of our personnel. As a necessary milestone, deminers of the humanitarian demining unit and management have undergone vital life courses and training, in particular, tactical medicine, labor protection, and the transport of explosive items.

Particular attention was paid to teaching tactical medicine. Thus, according to SOP 06.01 IMAS 10.40: 2016, the «Demining Solutions» company have been trained in the «Tactical Emergency Casualty Care» (TECC) program. The course was held in conditions maximum close to real and sometimes combat.

Students successfully passed exams and received relevent certificates.

Sincerely gratitude to the instructor, who conducted the course
«Tactical Emergency Casualty Care». Personal thanks to Lyudmila Nikolaevna — director of the company «AV-Pharma», who delivered
for «Demining Solutions» the necessary individual medical first-aid kit.

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