The stage of «Demining Solutions» formation is completed successfully

During the year of LLC “Demining Solutions” formation, the company has expanded its capabilities and obtained all the necessary documents for carrying out humanitarian demining. One of the key steps in setting up the company was a certification at the Demining Centre of the Main Operations Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine  (hereinafter –  Demining Centre) as a Mine Action Operator (MAO). A quite difficult but necessary and right way the company went through several stages:

preparation of the application for certification for the MAO and a package of documents, and submitting them to the Demining Centre;

acceptance and consideration of the application by the Demining Centre;

assessment of compliance with the normative documents of the provided documentation and information;

practical assessment;

making a decision on certification and issuance of certificates.

Now, the company «Demining Solutions» has received a maximum in the Demining Centre, that is four certificates in the Mine Action activities in accordance with the requirements of national mine action standard and IMAS:

Certificate № 006. Non-technical survey. IMAS 08.10: 2016, IDT;

Certificate № 007. Technical survey. IMAS 08.20: 2016, IDT;

Certificate № 008. Clearance requirements. IMAS 09.10: 2016, IDT;

Certificate № 009. Battle area clearance. IMAS 09.11: 2016, IDT.

It should be noted, that the professional approach of the Demining Centre, which received an accreditation certificate from the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine only in August 2018. Today, the Demining Centre has all the rights to issue certificates to both Ukrainian and foreign organizations involved in the mine action in Ukraine.

Thus, «Demining Solutions» company is the first national mine action operator, which has Certificates of Conformity and the only ones in Ukraine who currently have valid certification. The next stage of the company is monitoring by the Demining Centre of the process of performing humanitarian demining.

In addition, during «Demining Solutions» formation stage one of the achievements is entrance into the database of the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining. Today «Demining Solutions» is the only national operator of Ukraine, which is in the main international database of mine action.

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